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02.09.2014 22:23, Abdul Sami from United Kingdom E-mail :
Only love Bhutto sb who no what is self respect and how defend it. I just love him forever.... He Was a great leader ever in Pakistan. Pakistani can produce on him no leader such as Bhutto after Muhammad Ali Jinnah till now.

22.08.2014 11:51, Sultan haroon from islamabad E-mail :
if we want to read the actual history then i think this is the forum which provides the good piece of information about bhutto family contribution in the progress of Pakistan.

11.07.2014 04:50, Kaleem kakar from China E-mail :
I am reading benazir's book "the daughter of destiny". It need a heart of steel to read, understand and absorb. We are just readers, how bhutto and her family has gone-through is un imaginable. Both daughter and her father were hope for pakistan. But alas, we have lost them, but rather I would say that we have killed them. Because the last hope for bhutto was, that the nation would rise against dictator. But we did Not. ........

20.06.2014 19:35, Muhammad Jahangir Awan from slamabad E-mail :
I have visited the site and seems the site very informative and impressive having lot of knowledge for those who wants to study the struggle of BHUTTOS for strengthening the Country and Democracy

20.06.2014 19:26, Muhammad Gulfraz Awan from Islamabad E-mail :
Very informative site, having lot of knowledge for those who want to read and write about the struggle and achievements of Great BHUTTOS

18.06.2014 07:44, Shafique Ahmed from Parachinar E-mail Homepage :
Without Bhutto family Pakistan history is incomplete, they are brave intelligent and educated, rest in peace SMBB and SZAB and long live BBZ, BBZ and ABZ

03.06.2014 17:15, zawar hussain comrade from Lahore E-mail Homepage :
Peoples wants shaheed Bhutto`s socialist manifesto who is the only one way for building of a class less society .

29.05.2014 08:12, abdul haseeb from lahore E-mail :
Allaha bless all of you

03.05.2014 07:15, Maqbool Ahmed from Karachi E-mail :
As I have gone through the history of Indo-Pak, I am compelled to accept the truth that Mr. Bhutto was the greatest Muslim Leader of all times we had after Mr. Jinnah. He was very clear and firm on his principles. I dont see any body who is capable of his thought, his vision who could lead our country in small and the Muslim World at large. Mr. Bhutto, the great leader!

19.04.2014 07:50, Azher Memon from Karachi E-mail :
really was true and sincere, leader like him and his daughter will never ever appear

14.04.2014 10:11, Muhammad Asad adv from uk E-mail :
i love Z.A Bhutto. he was only one great leader in Pakistan history.

13.04.2014 20:26, maillor from kjjh E-mail :
Nobody musn't forget

07.04.2014 19:07, Muhammad Gulfraz Awan from Islamabad/Haripur E-mail :
seen the site and found very impressive. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed sacrifices their life for Pakistan and for the betterment of peoples of Pakistan, they will remain in the hearts of peoples of Pakistan as well the peoples of the whole muslim world,

Site have excellent memories

06.04.2014 19:00, Muhammad Ammar Ali from ireland E-mail :
Pakistan has produce no leader such as Bhutto after Muhammad Ali Jinnah till now.

05.04.2014 06:52, m. aslam from Islamabad E-mail :
my wounds once again bleeding, though i was just few years old at that time but i do have great respect to Z A Bhutto (Shaheed-e-millat).
May Allah the Almighty Bless His Soul.
And lots of appreciation for this effort on web.

04.04.2014 22:09, Safdar Imam from Oman E-mail :
Lovely tribute to the greatest "Mohsin" of Pakistani nation. In 1980 I had read an anthology of Urdu Poetry on Bhutto's execution. It was banned by Zulmat (Zia) of that time. Can you please upload that book if you could find; it included Faiz's couplet
Jis dhaj say koi maqtal ko gaya wo shan salamat rehty hai
Yeh jan to aani jaani is jaan ki koi baat nahin

02.04.2014 19:44, mazher from pak E-mail Homepage :
add links

10.03.2014 09:28, Usman Khan from Dir, KPK E-mail :

05.03.2014 20:20, Muhammad Tahir from Islamabad E-mail :
Nice Effort..............

05.03.2014 11:49, fahad from karachi E-mail :
great work

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Entries: 520
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