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Entries: 520
17.09.2009 06:54, Rehan mustafa from attock city,punjab,pakistan E-mail :
plz add the urdu version of the book IF I AM ASSASINATED by sir.ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO

17.09.2009 06:52, Rehan mustafa from attock city,punjab,pakistan E-mail :
geay BHUTTO. the whole website is so wonderful.great books great videos of the greatest leader of pakistan.plz add some more speeches and videos of sir.ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO.

13.09.2009 10:50, shayan from Gujranwala E-mail :
I find this site very exciting becasue there are many books are here about Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and also many videos.

Thanks for providing such this great site

10.09.2009 20:51, Shakeel A Memon from Los Anegels , Ca. E-mail :
This is the complete E-Library on Legacy of BHUTTO. A man who came, He saw & He Conquered.

Mr. Suni Panwhar deserves profound compliments on his sincerity & dedication with BHUTTO.

03.09.2009 18:25, rahman from USA E-mail :
A good collection of books by and about ZA Butto. Like many Greek epics, a tragic end of an outstanding hero! Bhutto, with all his shortcomings, has done a great service to the people of Pakistan. Though he was not able to deliver to most of his slogans but his contributions to the people of Pakistan were second to none. He changed politics from “drawing-room” to street level, involved every tom dick and harry, gave a sense of “being” to ordinary and deprived people of Pakistan. Had not he polluted his politic under the pressure of phony religious mafia, he would have been one of the greatest and true leaders of third world countries. Unfortunately, his bowing was not only against his own political philosophy but also made him just another leader of a third world country. May Allah forgive and bless his soul.

27.08.2009 11:34, Sheikh Naeem Ahmad from Lahore E-mail :
After going through this site,my heart weeps.After Quaid e Azam,the only veritable leader ZAB was murdered by a shaitan.Pakistan is leaderless.We are being ruled by shaitans.

24.08.2009 08:38, Babar Chughtai from San Francisco E-mail :
Dear Sani Panhwar !
I really appreciate this great efforts & hard work you have done.This website is absolutely worth a fortune.

Kal bhi Bhutto zinda tha
aj bhi Bhutto Zinda hay

Babar Chughtai

22.08.2009 23:06, Imtiaz Chaudhary from Michigan E-mail :
Great website. Thanks for providing a comprehensive collection of books on Bhutto.

21.08.2009 11:46, Khalid Khokhar E-mail :
Leader of the century and founder of new Pakistan. Name any institution and you will come to know that it was founded between 1971-77. from art and culture to constitution and nuclear capability. He is my hero and leader and will always remain in my thoughts.

21.08.2009 05:57, Shahzad Ali Umrani from Hyderabad Sindh E-mail :
From my childhood, I was listening about this Great son of Sindh & when I studied him self, I found him that he just made for sacrifice.

The name of Z.A bhutto will alive upto centuries. May every son of this earth think like that. long live Shaheed Bhutto & Shaheed B.B

20.08.2009 20:07, Sultan Naveed from Dubai E-mail :
Hanging Bhutto was a great disaster for Pakistan which is irreparable. Pakistan could be the world super power if this great person alive. He was great man with great ideas. Alas! May his soul rest in peace. Ameen. Pakistani nation will never forgive General Zia for committing this cowardly action.

01.08.2009 20:28, bhutto aziz from karachi pakistan E-mail :
a great leader of our country and z a bhutto /muhtrma shaheed benazeer bhutto was my heros / now we feel alone without z a bhutto / muhtarma and my wishes my every glad God gift to bhutto family aameen

26.07.2009 12:46, yasir from lahore,punjab,pakistan E-mail Homepage :
yasir javaid khokhar.

24.07.2009 08:23, Sohail Malik from Lahore, Pakistan E-mail :
Unbelievable website with so much information on Bhutto. Books, interviews, speeches and the rare collection of articles from 1977 and 1979. I salute the organizers and managers of this website for being real patriotic Pakistani and Jiyalas. I will advise to get this site linked with the educational institutes because the material here is not readily available to the students, scholars and researchers.

Keep up the good work, God Bless. G A Bhutto

Sohail Malik

23.07.2009 03:33, M. Aslam Kundi from Islamabad E-mail :
A great leader after Quaid-e-Azam

11.07.2009 19:56, Ahsan Khan from Pakistan E-mail :
What was the cause or motive behined Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's assasination, was America involved or military dictatorship? both can not be ruled out. what forced Zia-ul-Haq to assasinate PM Z.A Bhutto?

10.07.2009 09:21, ramshah E-mail :
i will really appreciate the makers of this site that they has provided so precious information about this outstanding leader of pakistan ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO is still alive in the hearts of his people and is the everlasting source of energy and enthusiasm for them
thanks from all bhutto's fan
jeye bhutto

07.07.2009 09:35, Chaglani E-mail :
Great work ...............Really Appreciate the efforts,

Z.A Bhuttu is my Hero, a nations Hero no doubt about it............................ .............................

04.07.2009 09:30, Khalid Jamil Akhtar from UAE E-mail :
Dear sir,

I found this site luckyly and I like it too much. it is reat and genuine effort which is doing well for Bhutto and Benzair which were the leaders of the muslim word.

You are requested to add book in urdu and people can read.


Very truly

04.07.2009 09:29, Khalid Jamil Akhtar E-mail :
Dear sir,

I found this site luckyly and I like it too much. it is reat and genuine effort which is doing well for Bhutto and Benzair which were the leaders of the muslim word.

You are requested to add book in urdu and people can read.


Very truly

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Entries: 520
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