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Bhutto's Web Site

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Entries: 520
27.11.2009 05:21, SHAHRAIZ ASHRAF MALIK from rawalpindi E-mail :
i encourage to those handling this site that they are working for a great cause. indeed this serves as a great knowledge for the youth about this great personality. for we will strive become the youth Z.A.Bhutto hailed in his speeches. long live the memories of Shaheed Bhutto.

23.11.2009 17:06, ankar singh maan from abu dhabi E-mail :
I got this site from one of my friend, when he had send me the link to read the much wanted Daughter of the East. I have already read about 30 pages in one goe. Very interesting. I had always wanted to meet the Very courageous B.B. I wish her children will read the same book and inspire to be a great leader, like her and her father.

23.11.2009 06:29, rehan from attock,punjab E-mail :
sir im pleased to see four new books on this site.but i m very sad to see the propregenda on media about ppp chairman asif ali zardari.i think establishment want to remove the president as soon as possible.may GOD have mercy on ppp.and one more thing please add some documentaries and videos on sir ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO

17.11.2009 06:24, ahmad khalid rana E-mail :
z.a.bhuto woz a great person.this site is belongs to him n it is a grest effert to give him the is a remarkable site

17.11.2009 06:07, Zuhaib A. Shaikh from Nawabshah, Pakistan E-mail :
Dear you have created an incredible website. God bless us all.

16.11.2009 07:31, Zahid Hussain E-mail :
This is really a great website, I really appreciate it and I LOVE BHUTTO.

10.11.2009 06:59, eshwer jeewan from hyderabad E-mail :
we are thank ful to u that u opened this web site to inform the people about this great leader

07.11.2009 10:24, Imran Siddiqi from Karachi E-mail :
Great Site

Classical collection of books on one and only true leader of Pakistan who can delver and fulfill the dreams of Quad-e-Azam about Pakistan

Allas Mullah Military Alliance responsible for said demise of both bhuttos

04.11.2009 18:52, Ramshah from sialkot E-mail :
in the life of zulfiqar ali bhutto and after him there were and are many conspiracers who wanted to uproot the name of bhutto by spreading wrong and selfmade knowledge about him but it is complete website which provides thorough and right information about bhutto. zulfiqar ali bhutto is the hero of ours and is the leading star for the youth and i would like to thank the organizers of this websitefor making such a fabulous contribution for the lovers of bhutto.

30.10.2009 11:47, Rab Nawaz Soomro from Faiz Ganj Sindh Pakistan E-mail :
very very Excellent site. We need to promote this so people are aware and can use this as reference point for the greatest man who walked the length & breath of Pakistan. I also Salute to the Mr. Suni Panhar on such great work.

JIye Bhutto Hazaar Saal. Jiye Bhutto Benazir

29.10.2009 22:30, Amir Khursheed from London, England E-mail :
I have no hesitation to make a statement that this website is a virtual library on Shaheed Bhutto, I live in UK and I doing research on the “Judicial Murder of Bhutto”. This web site has almost all the information I was looking for which I could not even find in the finest libraries in UK. I want to thank Mr. Sani Panhwar for his tireless efforts in putting together this beautiful site for the Legend of the Century Quaid-e-Awam Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He will live forever in the hearts and minds of people of Pakistan.

Amir Khursheed

29.10.2009 07:06, rehan from attock,punjab E-mail :
this website is the sea of information about sir.ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO and mohtarma BENAZIR BHUTTO.last time i requested to add the urdu version of if i am assasinated.and i am very thankful to the honour of this website for adding the book.thank you very much sir....

29.10.2009 06:48, Qaiser Mughal from Dubai E-mail :
I m a proffesor in UAE and teaching leadership and this is my favourite subject i study a lot about great leaders but cant find a leader like him uptil now. He was a super natural human being i m always showing his videos in my classes. I am highly impressed by this leader i can t do anything to bring him back i wish i could but i m crying on the wastage. But heroes die young

13.10.2009 19:52, Babar from sweden E-mail :
I don't have the words for this great leader may Allah Subhan Tahallah rest his,Benazir's and all the martyr's of bhutto family's soul in heavens.....

07.10.2009 09:07, Urooj Hussein Shah from London, UK E-mail :
Excellent site. We need to promote this so people are aware and can use this as reference point for the greatest man who walked the length & breath of Pakistan.

JIye Bhutto Hazaar Saal. Jiye Bhutto Benazir !!

30.09.2009 10:10, sara from karachi E-mail :
congrates for this great site

23.09.2009 01:35, kamran from pakistan E-mail :
this is very said to know what happened with bhutto and the real face of dog ziaulhaq. Zia sold islam all his life like saudi kings are doing in present days. I dont know how a munafik like zia will stand in front of Almighty to answer for his crimes.

22.09.2009 19:42, Fayaz Malik from London E-mail :
The best effort ever seen on the legacy of Shaheed Bhuttu I salute Sani Panhwar for managing and developing this site on his own. I will request him to add some Urdu books on the site, and I offer my volunteer service to compose the books for the site

Fayaz Malik

22.09.2009 15:12, Shoaib Hussain from Karachi E-mail :
today it was first time that i took a look on tis web site after getting it from "Google" site, that's is proud for us..... that there is someone who is conveying the message of "Gallant Hero & Leader of Pakistan"...

22.09.2009 09:03, Shoaib from karachi E-mail :

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Entries: 520
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