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Entries: 520
10.01.2010 15:50, Mohammad Farrukh Riaz from Kasur,Punjab, Pakistan E-mail :
I am very much thankful to you, Its a great effort. I have made a speech on 5th of Jan 2010 after studing the books on Shaheed Bhutto by you. Thanks once again, Our new generation should know about Bhutto.This is one of the very good and importent site. Farrukh Riaz

10.01.2010 13:42, danish dastagir from pakistan E-mail :

i m thanked full to all team of bhutto org those have in able us to get evry thing about ppp bhutto sahab and history of pakistan after Mr Jinnah i never know several things about my party which i know now by once again i would say Thank you very much for wonderfull deed.

09.01.2010 06:47, NAVEED GOPANG from KARACHI E-mail Homepage :

07.01.2010 10:20, Ghulam Mustafa E-mail :
Indeed an excellent effort to pay tribute to the Great leader.

07.01.2010 05:56, Engr. Riaz Pirzado from Mohen Jo Daro, Balhreji E-mail :
Hi Sani Panhwar,

Indeed Shaheed bhutto was a true n great leader with charismatic personality having lot of fervor and had ability to motivate, moralize and mobilize the human resources that enemies of Pakistan didn't like. Great job, u have committed as this site provides a great help to youths who consider Bhutto as a leader in their lives. Bhutto is alive in the hearts of people and is the soul of Pakistan he is the true hero of the Pakistani people . Being a fan of Bhutto ! appreciate the makers of this website which contain information about a fantastic extraordinary personality who will ever remain alive in our hearts and will provide us energy for struggling for the better future of Pakistan, that Pakistan , which Bhutto wanted to give us ...Long live Bhutto and long live shaheed Benazir Bhutto

06.01.2010 17:49, [b]Zahid Mian Bhutto[/b] from [b]Riyadh-KSA[/b] E-mail Homepage :
Dear Panwhar Sb,

Great job you had done, the need of the day to explore the Role of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his whole family including Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto, Mir Murtaza Shaheed and Mir Shahnanawaz Bhutto, who sacrificed for the Pakistan & peoples of Pakistan. It is really a superb web sites ever before available on net around the world. May Allah bless you on this historic job nd hope the world will remember you as a true & actual role of Bhutto family in Pakistans Politics, may Allah rest their soul in heaven, Aameen.

06.01.2010 11:44, Shafique Muhammad from Karachi E-mail :
Honorable Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto & Benazir Bhutto.
Their services for Pakistan and for people of Pakistan are remarkable Pakistan will never have such as great sharp mind and visionary pioneers. You people are doing a very great job, please add new books of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

05.01.2010 10:48, Hussain Gillani from Rawalpindi E-mail :
Jiay Bhutto...

05.01.2010 07:04, Hafeez Tunio from Karachi E-mail :
Great effort you people have been doing in order to compile the records, speeches and books of Mr. Bhutto and his descendents.
Please keep it up.


04.01.2010 21:02, Muhammad Bilal from gujranwwala E-mail :
i salute this work for Z.A Bhutto and i salute bhutto saab jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bhutto

03.01.2010 14:18, Engr. Waseem Abro from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia E-mail :
no word to express my feelings when i see this web site. i very much appreciate this web site and i offer u my ful support.

30.12.2009 20:51, Shahzoor Haider Bhatti from Lahore E-mail Homepage :
it is really appreciable that we have such kind of web so we can learn from the history and can make our future more brighter...........its true that when some one has to do then some one has to do

30.12.2009 08:48, Rehan from attock,punjab E-mail :
sir thank you very much for adding great videos of sir.ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO.plz add more videos of sir ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO.and please also add speeches of the great leader BENAZIR BHUTTO SHAHEED.thank you again for making this website soo wonderfull and knowledgeable.

30.12.2009 08:03, arehman from Rajanpur E-mail :
I don't have the words for this great leader may Allah Subhan Tahallah rest his,Benazir's and all the martyr's of bhutto family's soul in heavens.....
Both they were really great leaders, they will remain alive in our heart.
after Jinnah Sb, Mr. Bhutto was a leader.
we have bad luck, that Mr. Bhutto left us alone.
i salute to Bhutto Sb

26.12.2009 23:12, M Ali Wallana E-mail :
A excellent effort to remember the family of heros and Shaheed-ne-wattan.

26.12.2009 19:10, fawad from rawalpindi E-mail :
Bhutto will remain alive till pakistan is on globe

26.12.2009 17:33, RAMSHAH from sialkot E-mail :
zulfiqar ali bhutto, a man who would be remembered by the nation of pakistan as great leader fighting for the rights of them , who lived for the his nation and died for his naion , WHO made part of them and began to live in their hearts and became a constant source of inspiration for them


24.12.2009 19:00, abbas E-mail :
i love you bhuttoo.....
you will remain alive always...

17.12.2009 04:33, muhammad ahsan from sadat colony E-mail Homepage :
i am real lover of zulfiqar ali bhutto.he was the best leader of world. he realy make our country.

01.12.2009 21:16, Mufazzil Ayaz Memon from Pakistan, Karachi. E-mail :
i think this is the only webpage that could brought up a huge change among young generation of Pakistan!!! LONG LIVE PAKISTAN, LONG LIVE BHUTTOISM

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Entries: 520
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