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Entries: 520
02.03.2015 16:40, Muhammad Yasir Arafat from Azad Kashmir E-mail :
Dear All Pakistan People Party Leadership.

I hope you will be fine with good helth.
We request to All People Party Members Please Follow the Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Please Please.
Khuda Ka Lia haheed Babab ka Usolo ki Syasat Karo.

02.03.2015 16:40, Muhammad Yasir Arafat from Azad Kashmir E-mail :
Dear All Pakistan People Party Leadership.

I hope you will be fine with good helth.
We request to All People Party Members Please Follow the Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Please Please.

21.02.2015 12:19, Abdullah Khan from Pakistan E-mail :
Very impressive work on the life of great leader of the subcontinent Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

18.02.2015 17:43, Prof. Dr. Amir Ahmed Khuhro from Shah Abdul Latif University Kh E-mail Homepage :
More or less i have gone through whole website, i found it a very informative one. What you have gathered the information on this website is wonderful.

31.01.2015 20:05, COL HASSAN IMAM from Moscow embassy E-mail :
Shah Nawaz Bhutto was him self adapted by collector mules.
To be very frank shah nawaz and his father b=never had a authority in Rato Dero even if shah nawaz bhutto was elected for legislation it was larrkana vity by amir ali lahori ghabi khan chandio and wadero isrann,not from Rato Dero.The Rato dero land lord and 1st class bench magistrate supported and gave vote to ayuoob khurro. he was wadero Ghulam Qadir Dayo. Though his younger brother deputy collector retired supported ZA Bhutto in forming PPP and Benazir her self used call MA Kadri like a grand father.ZA Bhutto destroyed the record when became mnister and the evidance is there

30.01.2015 21:29, COL HASSAN IMAM from Moscow embassy E-mail :
Zulfiqar Bhutto was a great leader and changed the new politics of Pakistan and brought sindh in main stream.
as for history of arrival of bhutto is written is not accurate.Khuda bux ,doda khan and maae snaghar came fro where to rato derro.?????Maee sanghar used to wear godd dhoti in punjabi.They were araen tribe from east punjab.In rato dero there was soem other land lord who was pioneer memeber of bomaby council even more than 25 years elder than sir shahnawaz.Zulfiqar Bhutto when shahnawz died left alone like an orphan.Who was the one whom ZA bhutto went and asked for support.The ist commissioned officer deputy collector in 1920 from Rato dero mr MA kadri was that gentle man.I remember Benazir and MIr Murtaza Bhutto viited many times to that old man and even entire larrkano witnessed that Bhutto was like a son to Mr Kadri. we must put the history account correct.When ever BHutto will come to larrkana he will ask SP Nooor laghari to bring Mr Kadri for consultation and advise for the affairs.

29.01.2015 13:48, Saju from India E-mail :
Real touching article . Anyway lost a great leader who can lead the country to preoperity and development .

07.01.2015 17:37, Usman Ashiq from MURREE E-mail :
Indeed !! bhooto was a great leader .. a man who always take decisions and remain firm on it..our new generation must have to learn the ideology of Mr.Bhooto .. this was a great site for me to learn.. If Mr.bhooto can born again then i will be the 1st to raise hands for him but unfortunately bhooto never come again.. i never saw bhooto in real nor i see his govt tenure nor i born in the age in 70's and 80's but i love this man..
May God bless you!! you will always be in our heart.!!

29.12.2014 07:56, Kavinesh from malaysia E-mail :
[quote] thank u very much i hope that pakistant could be a better and a knowledgeble region giving some chances to people around pakistant to achive their minorithy then people of pakistant should not follow the politician instruction while they have to decide what they want to be and of course they produce a greater pakistant country which has been respected by all the odds aroubd the world frm kavi kapak

20.12.2014 18:46, mansoor from lahore E-mail :
Valour,Confidence,Knowledge,Principle and Sincereity...... Salute to Bhutto "The Man of Honour".

26.09.2014 11:52, Faisal Nawaz Shaikh from Karachi E-mail :
I am pleased to visit the website of Great leader "Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto".

20.09.2014 04:17, Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal from Lahore E-mail :
i love bhuttoism but please make policies in benefits of Public because PPPP is a People's party

12.09.2014 21:32, adnan from burewala E-mail Homepage :
No one still born in histiry of subcontonent like shaheed bynazir;oh; God i stii could not really believed that she is not among us.zulam zulam.

12.09.2014 21:18, adnan from burewala E-mail Homepage :
The only politician in pakustan was is and will shaheed bynazir bhutto and her shaheed father.i saluate both

11.09.2014 21:43, BILAL NAREJO from Al Madinah Saudi Arabia E-mail :
I Appreciate this Owner able Work to Preserve the History and Era of Great leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
From A Young Pakistani living Abroad

11.09.2014 01:48, Bazil Elahi from New Jersey USA E-mail :
I am very pleased to visit the website of Great leader "Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto"

08.09.2014 05:20, Sulaiman Arif Akhunzada from Peshawar E-mail :
Respectable Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (shaheed),

Dear Sir

The days of my childhood,when i started judging the world around me, when i was trying to judge between the good and evil; I missed a great leader one of its kind in this entire world at that time . I wish and hope your spirit will guide me to unleash the big giant inside me. May Allah (s.w.a) award you one of the highest places in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen.


Sulaiman Arif Akhunzada

06.09.2014 20:37, raheel kamran cheema from ppp president daska E-mail :
It is my convinced opinion that our generations cannt compensate the martyrs of Garhi Khuda Bux.their sacrifices
had left an indelible prints on our generations .Jiya bhutoo
Sada jiya

06.09.2014 09:08, Engr Ghulam Abbas from Islamabad E-mail :
Thanks for sharing history

03.09.2014 05:27, Saghir Ahmad from Faisalabad, Pakistan E-mail :
I am pleased to visit a great website of the greatest leader in history of Pakistan. The web contents are well managed and it is good to see all this stuff organised.

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Entries: 520
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