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Entries: 520
02.02.2016 22:03, Javed Shah from UK E-mail :
Mr Bhutto was a LEGEND, never will a person like him be born again, murdered by Zia the Bastard, Dog of the West

07.01.2016 13:14, Asif Awan from Gujranwalw+Garjakh=Pakistan E-mail Homepage :
Dearest peoples of the world, I would like to express to you that Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a wise Leader & optimist person.So we should respect him. "Wise Leader generally have wise counselors because it takes a wise person themselves to distinguish them...." "An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist person sees only the red stop light...the truly wise person is colorblind...." "

28.12.2015 10:37, Adil Nawaz from Haripur E-mail Homepage :
You can Kill a man, You can Hang a Man, but you can not bury an idea.
This is what Bhuttoism is all about.

Jiye Bhutto.

07.12.2015 07:08, kailash from nepal E-mail :
please keep the publication written by him

26.11.2015 22:54, Sudhanshu Misra from Usa E-mail :
Greetings from Boston. For years I have been waiting for details of Bhutto trial and his eventual hanging. Glad I found it.

26.10.2015 22:48, Asim Shah from Edmonton E-mail :
Not words to show love with Bhutto but tears in eyes

01.10.2015 17:46, Ayyaz khan from Lahore E-mail :
May Allah give the power to the existing leaders of PPP to complete the missions of the Great leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

01.10.2015 17:45, Ayyaz khan from Lahore E-mail :
May Allah give the power to the existing leaders of PPP to complete the missions of the Great leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

20.09.2015 11:57, Zafar from Bangalore, India E-mail :
Goid work there! Reading Benazir's book.. why dont you put it on Android Market place as well? The younger generation must know about the Bhutto legacy. Thanks!

07.07.2015 18:26, Tarek Khan from Bangladesh E-mail :
I would like to contact Miss Sanam Bhutto.
please, somebody help me.

26.06.2015 23:27, Abbas Jafri from Karachi E-mail :
I have read several times the last moment of our ex premier and feel sad.

22.06.2015 21:21, Qasim Bhatti from Islamabad E-mail Homepage :
Zinda Hai Bhutto Aaj Bhi Zinda Hai?

11.06.2015 18:58, pasha from faisalabad E-mail :
yar bhutto theak admi tha but uski kuch habbits khrab thi. no doubt aik devoted admi tha but bb ka rishta is gnday admi se kr k apni , bb or puray khandan ki life tabah kr di. aj bhuto khandan khatum or zardari moaj ura raha hy

02.06.2015 14:53, Tariq Rana from Dubai E-mail :
Ahh...I am speechless, I have yet to come over loos of such a person. Bhutto Sb was mentor of today's Pakistani nation. he was the one who lifted our heads in front on Indians by making this a nuclear nation, he was the one who brought IOC on one platform, he was the one who brought 90000 people back with dignity, he was the one who gave us the constitution, he was the one who was bold enough to declare Ahmadies a minority, he was the one who gave recognition to laborers , he was the one who spoke about Petro Dollar ,
he was the one who contently took the Kashmir issue at all world forms, he looked eye to eye with west & Americas, he confronted Henry Kissinger head-on, Bhutto Sb defied every and all evil Jewish lobbying at all world forms ......My country men I can keep on and on endlessly. I am confused,I don't know why I am writing these things, knowingly that it will not
work because basically we are a dead nation, we are very good at morning some one rather than standing against an aggressor and pulling him down before he does collateral damage.[center]

31.05.2015 10:14, MH-Jamali from Nawabshah E-mail Homepage :
Salam...& Congratulations for such a great job... But also have a complaint from Sani H.Pahnwar Sahb that same books please prepare in Sindhi Format....for easy understanding to our sindhi people about our great Hero of Sindh Shaheed Z.A Bhutto....

25.05.2015 23:24, Tanveer Alam from Peshawar E-mail Homepage :
great efforts for establishing such a great website. I appreciate and encourage you tough work for creating a site for ZA Bhutto[center][quote]

23.05.2015 18:10, Hamza Hafeez from Pakistan E-mail :
Good work, I appreciate all your efforts for having constructed this superb website.

05.04.2015 12:55, Owais Ahmed from Hyderabad E-mail :
ummm.... idk what to say

26.03.2015 21:41, Shahid Rashid from Mississauga, Ontario,Canada E-mail :
M. Bhutto, We will always love you. There has been not a single day in my life since you passed away, that I have not though about you and I have not prayed for you. Millions of blessings upon you. You will always live in our hearts.

25.03.2015 12:10, M. Usman Ayub from Wah Cantt E-mail :
ZAB who realized people of Pakistan of their powers.....waiting for another Bhutto, who can take it on....

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Entries: 520
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